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Terms of Service


Quick Reference:

  • We/our meaning DigiDogTech, DigiSoft LLC
  • You the company, organization, or person(s) entering into the agreement.
  • Store Front – your hosted web site

What we will do for you

  • We agree to host your site and email accounts, provide basic security, and assist with configuration and basic maintenance of the site. 
  • We will help you set up your eCommerce store front to include establishing financial processing accounts with supported financial vendors.  An examples of financial processing companies are Stripe and PayPal.  Configuration includes integrating the financial processing account with your eCommerce store front (hosted web site) to enable you to capture payments.
  • Set up email accounts and help you configure your devices to use the service.
  • Provide SSL/TLS certificates to secure you store front.
  • Provide basic security (this list may change based on technological ): fire wall, DOS protection, authentication, encrypted email, spam, anti virus scans, etc.
  • Back up your data on a reoccurring basis.
  • Support software and services we provide to you.  You may use software we do not provide and we will try to help you, but result may vary since we cannot be experts in every variation of software.

Our limitations

  • We cannot run your company or store for you (though we do want to help as much as we can)
  • We are not responsible for any business, financial, or personal loss due to our services to include but not limited to loss of data, service, illegal activities by third parties (you, other customers, or any vendors that support or service our systems).
  • If software installed by ourselves or purchased for you provides issues for our other customers, we will disable or remove the software.   We will try to find a solution for you.  We don’t want you stranded with no where to go.

You agree to

  • Provide needed information for us to provide service to you such as setting up your store front.  This includes providing your financial information so we can set up financial processing accounts for you.  The end purpose is to get you store front set up so you can make financial transactions with customers. 
  • Hold us harmless for any data loss, security breach, service shortages, or legal actions brought by copyright or other legal violations.  This includes any media or content provided by or uploaded by you or your customers and any services you provide .
  • Protect us against any legal issues arising from the use of services we provide you.


 In general, your data and your customer data will only be used to provide service to you.  We will only use your financial information for setting up your store front and to make take payments for our services to you.  This information is not shared with third parties, except as needed to set up services. 

Termination of Services

We reserve the right to terminate services immediately with or without notice at our discretion.  For example:  Legal reasons such as illegal financial transactions or general abuse of the system such as sending SPAM email. 

Other Notices

  • We will provide support as long as payment is made.  We reserve to right to extend services regardless of payment based solely on our discretion. 
  • We may change this agreement at any time without notice.  We will make reasonable efforts to contact you with updates to the terms of service.